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Organized on the basis of an agreement between the University of Udine, the University of Trieste and Rizzani de Eccher Spa, the Inter-University Master's Degree in "Project Management – esperto in gestione dei progetti nel settore delle costruzioni", is active for the academic year 2018/2019, with lessons due to begin on March 4th 2019.
This study program is a first level Master (under Italian law), lasting one year and worth of 60 ECTS (University Credits).

The Master aims to train at the executive role of Project Manager, with particular, but not exclusive, orientation at the construction industry.


The lessons of the Masters will take place at: the headquarters of the Scientific Pole - Rizzi, University of Udine, the headquarters of Department of Architecture at the University of Trieste, and at the Rizzani de Eccher SpA.

DURATION OF THE COURSES: the Master will begin in March 2019 and will end in December 2019.
The courses include theoretical and methodological activities (lectures and seminars) and practical-applicative activities (case studies, technical visits).


The maximum number of students admitted at the Master program is 15.

The Master is open to candidates with the following requirements:

- A Bachelor’s Degree and/or a Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Systems Engineering, Building and Architecture Engineering, Building Engineering, Management Engineering and similar sciences degrees (Italian classes: L-7, L-14, L-17, L-18, L-33 LMG / 01, LM-4, LM-23, LM-31, LM-56, LM 77, according to DM 270/2004, as well as the degrees of previously applicable laws their equivalents)

- Applications including other degrees: Master's Board reserves the right to evaluate the application and the Curriculum vitae of the single candidates.

- Foreign Degrees: candidates are required to send at the University of Udine - Ufficio Master (via Petracco, 8 – 33100 Udine) the official Italian translation of the Degree, required for the admission. The translation has to be legalized by the local Italian representation in charge. Admission without the official translation is provisionally accepted, the applicant will have the possibility to complete the procedure by submitting the missing documents before the terms of the Master enrollment. .



- The on line application must be submitted by Thursday, January 31, 2019 at: https://uniud.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do

- The interview will take place on Friday, February 8, 2019 in the University of Udine (Via delle Scienze, 206 - Udine)

- The admission to the Master will be formalized on February 13, 2019 by an official communication, published in the Master's website at: https://www.uniud.it/it/didattica/formazione-post-laurea/master/alta-formazione/area-scientifico-tecnologica/mpm-progetti

- Once the admission is announced, the application for registration to the Master must be submitted by Monday, February 25, 2019 at https://uniud.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do following the instruction available at http://www.uniud.it/master.